Digital Creativity Center




Ludao is a mysterious island with a beautiful view, with VR 360-degree video allows you to watch the Green Island Lighthouse , but also with the local unique Formosan sika deer and Cheilinus undulatus to interact, depth understanding of the local natural environment.




Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF), organized by local game creator community organizations, through the forum activities, we hope to create an open sharing, experience inheritance, promote the industry continued to improve, promote international exchanges.


System Development

Contains constructing innovative quality education system of intelligent campus, enhance the competitiveness of learning and promote mental health Gyrigym and educational quality management system related to big data.

Taitung Future Design Lab

Brain Storming

Brain Storming, information technology experience.

Youth Entrepreneurs

Youth entrepreneurs connect energy.

Teacher Education

Into the virtual reality of the teacher training.



APP Industry Park

Crowdfunding Accelerator, Taipei

Driving young people to invest in crowdfunding and digital Internet industry, to create a friendly, resource-pooled entrepreneurial environment.

TTMaker, Taitung

Integrating five main development aspects of Taitung city, co-creating an international happiness city, to witness a better Taitung county.

EEiMakerspace, Tainan

Cultivate professionals to assist industry development technology and innovative services and it into the markets.

Inbubation Center, Taichung

Professional counseling services, hoping to produce the technology or products to achieve sustainable development of innovative business incubator platform.

DIT Startup, New Taipei City

All - round business service platform.

Inbubation Center, Taichung

Efficient operating platform.